International Competition Of Youth Brass-Bands For
The "Golden Miner's Lamp" Jastrzebie-Zdroj / Poland, 1989
Golden lyre - from the Union of the Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers on the occasion of 45th anniversary of the foundation of Sevlievo orchestra, and a Golden lyre for the conductor of the orchestra Angel Angelski for his high artistic achievements and his 20th anniversary as a leader of the orchestra.
"Eurofanfari" -
de Ruerg -
France -1991
Order Cyril and Methodii -
Second class bestowed
on the occasion of 25 years from the foundation
of the orchestra.
The sign of honor Sev-lievo
from the Municipality of Sevlievo for high artistic achievements and on the occasion of 120th anniversary from the foundation of the first orchestra in Sevlievo.
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