He was born on 03.05.1959 in Troyan. He learns conducting with prof. Ivan Bakalov and orchestral arrangement with prof. D. Sagaev and Zhul Levi. He specializes “Conducting wind orchestra” in the National academy of music “Panco Vladigerov”, Sofia with prof. Nikolay Tonev. He has a certificate from the University of Managements which is a part of the New Bulgarian University and Open University – London. He has taken part in international seminars of art-managements of Denis Rich – doctor in the university if Wisconsin-Madisony , organized by the American embassy, and of Freck Bloomers – art-manager, and Leo Diselbloom – senior expert from “De Kamervrag” – foundation for supporting professional music and professional employment of the musicians and ensembles in the Netherlands.
He was chosen for co-vice-president and president of association “Wind orchestras” of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers, since 1999 he has been a vice-president and since 2006 he has been a chairman of the Control council of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers.
In 1996 he took part in the work of the European congress in Trossingen, Germany, on the topic “Problems in educating musicians for wind orchestras”, leading by prof. Hans Walter Berg. He published a paper in a German specialized issue.
He takes part in organization of an international conference, entitled “Protection of the executive rights in Bulgaria”, in which representatives from Germany, France, Slovak Republic, Rumania and Greece takes part.
He is an organizer and leader of International festival of wind orchestras in the town of Sevlievo and international summer academy of folkloristic and ethnographic.
Angel Angelski
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For his activities he has been rewarded repeatedly, including the award “Golden lyre” from the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and dancers.
Address: Bulgaria, 5400 Sevlievo
tel. +359 675 333 19, fax: +359 675 327 73
e-mail: aangelski@gmail.com
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